Church River Rafting

Church River Rafting (Class II) in American River in Sacramento
11257 S Bridge St.Rancho Cordova, CA95670

Deadline for Registration is August 3, 2014
Approximate cost per head: $25 max to be collected on the day of registration.

What happens?

1.  Meet in one place at 6:00AM and leave by 6:30 AM going to Sacramento (2 hrs drive).
2.  Upon arriving, group into 12 (adult) people per raft.
3.  Choose your leader to rent and pay for the boat ($186.73) and the return shuttle ticket ($4 per person) using cash or credit card and with a valid driver’s license.
4.  Walk quarter a mile lifting the boat into the launch station.
5.  Approximate float time is 3 to 4 hours depending on releases from Nimbus Dam.  Prolong your trip by not paddling or by taking stops and enjoy the activities.
6.  Upon arriving at GoethePark shuttle passengers should turn in the raft. A ticket for the shuttle bus will be distributed to return you to the start.

What to enjoy?

  1. Rafting – Paddle or just float (3-4 hours) on a smooth and thrilling rapids.
  2. Water Fight – Enjoy getting wet or soak others by having fun in the water gun fights with neighboring boats.
  3. Swimming – Cool off the hot weather by taking a splash or swim on the cool and crystal clear waters of the river.
  4. Snorkeling – Enjoy snorkeling and be able to watch the fishes and the river bed.
  5. Picnic – Take a break by taking a snack on the boat or to any safe stop you may decide to.
  6. Fish a Crawfish – By using your snorkel, lift a stone and catch the crawfish by the tail if you can.
  7. Picking Clams – By using your snorkel, pick fresh river clams for your enjoyment.
  8. Float in rapids – If you dare, float along the small rapids you can find.

1.    Swim only if you can. No lifeguard on duty. Otherwise always wear your life jacket or stay inside the boat.
2.    For child’s safety, a child must weigh at least 40 lbs. and be 5 years or older.
3.    Watch your children at all times in the boat or while they are swimming.
4.    You will get wet inside the boat, whether you like it or not.

Helpful Tips:

  1. Wear a comfortable summer swimming attire. Don’t wear pants, you will get-soak.
  2. Bring, borrow or buy a soak gun ($20) to counter-attack. Available in Raft Rentals also.
  3. Bring light lunch in a small ice chest. I big cooler per boat recommended.
  4. Bring sun screen, sunglasses, snacks, and plenty of cold beverages (no glass containers)
  5. Wear sandals with straps to make your trip comfortable.
  6. Keep your electronic gadgets (cell phone, cameras) dry in a small tupper wares or zip lock bags.  
  7. Don’t bring umbrella. It ain’t gonna rain. The more you hide, the more you will get wet.
  8. Do not bring unnecessary things. Bring what you only need (minimal). Limited space on the boat.
  9. Change your wet attire in the car or in the limited rest room available.
  10. Use the restroom before taking the trip. Take a heavy breakfast.

How much to rent a raft?
10 Person Raft (8-10) $150.00 rent + $5 Damage Waiver + $2.5 Launch Fee + Tax = $170.49 (tax included)
12 Person Raft (10-12) $165.00 rent + $5 Damage Waiver + $2.5 Launch Fee + Tax = $186.73 (tax included)

Additional cost per person to ride the shuttle bus?
$4 per person

680 North, 580 East, 205 East, I-5 North, 50 East, Exit is Sunrise Blvd, Right on S Bridge St (after Coloma Rd.)
Park in the raft rental area left side, (there is a parking fee $3). Limited space.  Next parking lot is on adjacent lot (back).

For more informations, go to:
Confirm by 8/6 to join the group, call (408) 533-3975