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MHCC Spiritual Decree
February 29, 2012

Spiritual Decree (October 31, 2010)

I decree and declare, I now stand here to serve notice to you (the enemy), you principalities and powers who are attempting to counteract the divine vision that God has given to his apostles and leaders for the transformation of this region.

We are here by assignment from God, the creator of Heaven and Earth, sealed with the power of the Holy Spirit.

I call of the authority delegated to me through the blood of Jesus the Messiah, who died on the cross of Calvary which made you the devil a public spectacle, you among many of fallen angels. So I come to speak to you the tongues of angels as well as with the tongue of men by Him, Christ whom all things were created including you, you vile principality and power.

Jesus and Jesus only has the preeminence. And He has disarmed you by his sovereign might. As servants of Jesus Christ, we now decree that the clouds of darkness imposed by the spirit of the enemy in this region will be disbursed. The light of the Gospel of the kingdom of God will shine through and illuminate the peoples of this region with salvation and transformation, in Jesus Name.

I decree that legions of angels will be released before the Father ministers and servants of Jesus Christ represented in this place and in this ministry, as one with others who are not with us today, to provide the government that God has established, to dethrone and disburse the fallen angels who rule this region for much too long.

Your rule is over. We declare it, your rule is over.

The old systems of religion will be turned down and the true church will rise up, under the divine government of heaven to plant blessings on this place and on the nations of the Earth. This will be done for the glory of Jesus Christ and for the advancement of His kingdom and for the salvation of multitudes of souls through out this territory.

Harvest will increase! Harvest will increase! Harvest will increase!

We decree and declare harvest will increase!

The ministry of this region will be heard around the world.

God will be glorified both in the heavens and here on the Earth.

God will be glorified both in the heavens and in his Church.

God will be glorified both in the heavens and in this Ministry.

And we decree and declare it done.



- Bishop Gary Bryant (IPHC ACTS2DAY)


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